About Us

Our main industry is firewood production. We have been engaged in the production and sale of firewood for 10+ years. We offer birch and alder tree, depending on the needs. We are located in southern Estonia, between the forests, 30 kilometers away from Tartu.

The main activity of the company is for export markets (Sweden and Norway). Our companies total production goes through high-quality wood dryers , which ensures consistent humidity percent (17% - 19%).

Our goal is to provide quality material / production throughout the year.

Our products

Birch tree


  • 50cm x 65cm 35 liter bag (Log length 29cm +/- 1cm)
  • 50cm x 72cm 40 liter bag (Log length 29cm +\-1 cm)
  • 60cm x 70cm 50 liter bag (Log length 39cm +\- 1cm)

  • Alder tree


  • 60cm x 70cm 50 liter bag (Log length 39cm +\- 1 cm)

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